Meet The Owner

Nicole Marie Wrona, owner of Simplicity, is a gifted fashion consultant, a proud daughter and energetic entrepreneur.

       Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, Nicole has grown to love and appreciate all the valley has to offer. Nicole graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with a Political Science degree in 2015. How did she end up at Simplicity you ask? After coming back home from college Nicole wasn't sure the next step she would take, she applied for a part time position at Simplicity, and truly fell in love with every aspect of the store. Nicole has always been passionate about fashion and shopping – definitely shopping. So when she found herself as a part time associate as Simplicity she knew this was where she belonged.”I LOVE owning a shop where I have the ability to help so many locals recycle their belongings to a new home- it brings me so much joy.”

         In her years working the floor at simplicity she realized she was gifted with an eye for design, fashion and merchandising and now had a way to combine these tools with her obsession with designer bags, her passion to help local charities, the ability to keep thousands of items out of landfills, and her excitement to create indescribable relationships with consignors and shoppers every single day. “I love to have a shop, where my shoppers are way more than that, I aim to learn all first names, that's important to me” Nicole said, the loyalty from our shoppers is something she is so grateful for. “Learning so much about so many GOOD people has restored my faith in humanity” -& YES her obsession with designer bags might have seemed appealing as well.

            When she was given the opportunity to buy Simplicity it was really a no brainier. “How could I not buy a shop that has offered me so much and continues to allow women in the Hudson Valley to purchase high end items at the fraction of the cost?” Once you find us I promise you wont shop retail again!

            Nicole is so excited for this adventure and hopes you all are as well! She is looking forward to meeting you at the boutique!