Reserve Your Bag for 'Fill A Bag Sale' Now!

Reserve Your Bag for 'Fill A Bag Sale' Now!

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Pre purchase your bag for Simplicity Fill a Bag Sale Event! 

Event will be held November 27th from 10 - 4 PM. 

Skip the line & Reserve your bag now for $25 

Bag's cost $20 at the door - (Plus tax) 

Your bag will be held with an employee outside, get your bag, & be the first to shop! 



What's included?

All items that didn't sell within the contracted time frame at Simplicity get stored to come back for these events! There is clothing, shoes, handbags, home decor & accessories included in the sale! 

Where is it?

We have tents set up in the side parking lot of Simplicity, 1820 Route 376 Poughkeepsie, NY 

If I don't reserve a bag do I have to come inside to pay? 

Yes, all day of payments must be made inside Simplicity where you will be given your bag.

How many bags can I buy?

As many as you'd like! 

What if I don't find anything?

It's only happened once- if it happens again- find Nicole inside!